6HP-400 型锥篮式破壳机设计及试验研究
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摘要 为解决机械化核桃破壳机效果不理想、设备调节不方便等问题,设计一种柔性剪切挤压的破壳装置,并为设备增加变频装置。以陕西香玲核桃为试验及检测物料,进行正交试验,试验结果表明,当动筒转速为70r/min,定筒与动筒最小间距为19mm,定筒游动间隙为2mm时,综合破壳效果较好。其性能指标分别为破壳率100%,高露仁率90.5%,半仁率为68.9%,壳仁分离率78.8%。经陕西省农业机械产品质量监督检测总站检测,其破壳率为97.3%、高露仁率为90.3%、半仁率为65.1%、壳仁分离率为77.3%。 In order to solve the problems of unsatisfactory effect of mechanized walnut sheller and inconvenient adjustment of equipment,a flexible shearing and extruding shell breaking device is designed,and a frequency conversion device is added to the equipment.Taking Shaanxi Xiangling walnut as the experiment and detection material,the orthogonal test is carried out,and the results show that when the rotating cylinder speed is 70 r/min,the minimum distance between the stationary cylinder and the rotating cylinder is 19 mm and the rotating cylinder clearance is 2 mm,the comprehensive shell breaking effect is better.The performance indexes are as follows:shell breaking rate is 100%,high kernel exposure rate is 90.5%,half kernel exposure rate is 68.9%,and shell-kernel separation rate is 78.8%.After being inspected by Shaanxi Agricultural Machinery Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station:the shell breaking rate is 97.3%,high kernel exposure rate is 90.3%,half kernel exposure rate is 65.1%,and shell-kernel separation rate is 77.3%.
作者 王维 田智辉 王佩 王亚妮 WANG Wei;TIAN Zhihui;WANG Pei;WANG Yani(Shaanxi Institution of Agricultural Mechanism,Xianyang 712000,China)
出处 《包装与食品机械》 CAS 北大核心 2021年第2期84-88,共5页 Packaging and Food Machinery
基金 陕西省重点研发计划项目(2019NY-135) 陕西省技术创新引导专项(2018ZKC-183)。
关键词 锥篮式 核桃破壳 试验及检测 cone basket walnut sheller experiment and detection